Flowers are the most beautiful things to have been blessed in our life by the Almighty God and we know how to include these elements of beauty in every stage of our lives. From birthday to marriage, anniversary to house-warming and in all our festivals, the place of flowers cannot be snatched by anything else. This immense requirement and popularity of flowers have led to rise of various flower shops all across the globe. You can easily get online flower delivery in Dubai with just a click. Here’s take a look at some of the topmost flowers and their meanings.


Rose: Since ancient times, rose is considered to be a symbol of love and passion. There is an immense variety of colors of a rose ranging from red to pink, pink to white, and blue to black. As per the ancient Greeks and Romans tales, roses were closely associated with Aphrodite and Venus, who were the goddesses of love. Keeping the colors aside, a rose mean: love, faith, passion, wisdom, faith, devotion, sensuality, timelessness, balance, and honor. Now, coming to the colors, a red rose is known for love and passion, yellow for joy and friendship, white for innocence and peace, orange for desire and enthusiasm, purple for love at first sight, and pink for appreciation and gratitude. So, pick up any color of it and present to your loved ones.


Lily: As per the ancient tales of the Greek, lilies sprang from the milk of Hera, the queen of the gods. It is mostly an anniversary flower. The hidden meanings of lily are: purity, royalty, motherhood, passion, renewal, rebirth, youth, majestic bearing, and fertility. As a house-warming gift also, lilies are quite famous because they are believed to be lucky. It is also believed to cure heartaches. So, if you know anyone who is in deep trauma for losing a loved one, get this as a gift. White, pink, and golden are the most famous colors of it.



Tulips: Once upon a time, this was the costliest flower of the world. It has a variety of colors and various emotions are attached with them. But the basic meaning of a tulip flower are: perfection of love, royalty, undying passion, abundance, charity, and prosperity. Yellow is the brightest color and it refers to cheerful thoughts. White tulip means a forgiving attitude and a purple one means to the regal attitude or life you have.




Sunflower: This is a bright flower often included in the vivacious flowers bouquet to heighten the look. This beautiful flower symbolizes the sun itself, meaning warmth and contentment, esteem and longevity. So, get a bouquet with sunflowers for the ones whom you adore the most in your life.



Carnation: Simply carnation flowers refer to love, fascination, and distinction. This flower has various stories and implication across the world. But famously, it is derived to be the flower for mom, so, you can get carnation flower delivery in Dubai for your loving mom. Among various colors of carnations, white ones depict pure love and good fortune. Dark red is the face of deep love and affection while purple represent whimsicality. Pink ones carry the biggest significance as they were believed to have developed from tears of Mother Mary.