A trade show can make some people panic since it means a lot of hard work, elevated stress levels, and unforeseen problems. But you can avoid all that and survive this common ordeal if you come well prepared. All it takes is simple planning and you’re on your way to a great start. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, here are some tips to help you get through a trade show:

Be realistic. Don’t expect to conquer the world in a few days. Set measurable goals and work your way to attain them. For some, this means getting a number of sales leads or meeting certain people. The more realistic your goals are, the more you’ll succeed in attaining them.

Have enough water. Walking around those big halls just to see your competitors booths is no easy task. Sitting or standing near your booth talking about your products can also leave you out of breath or thirsty. You can remedy this by bringing enough water for you and your visitors. The latter will appreciate your gesture and will remember your booth.

Set up a food exchange. Make friends with nearby booths so you can exchange food with them. For instance, if your booth serves iced tea, look for booths that serve other goodies that you can barter with. That way, you get to sample other products and other booths get to taste yours.

Expect to do a lot of walking during a trade show so be kind to your feet. Avoid high heels unless you have to make a formal presentation. Better still, being two pairs of shoes that you can easily change into. As a rule, wear comfortable footwear so you wont be bothered by tired, aching feet. At the end of the day, pamper your feet with a luxurious foot lotion for a soothing experience.