Get ready for a thrill adventure of a life time with a jetboat ride. Shoot through the water with outrageous speeds as you go full throttle past scenic locations and remote waterways jetboat style. Expectations for a full adrenalin rush are satisfied as you skim the waters past rocky gorges at close range, as you twist and turn through narrow canyons at breathtaking speeds. Apart from the speed and sights, there are more things to expect from this wonderful sport. Here are 6 things to expect when on a jet boat ride.

1. It’s a water sport. You will definitely get wet! Some jetboat ride companies give you the choice of a wet or dry ride, but one thing is for certain, you will get some water on you one way or another. It is convenient to bring along a change of clothing for those just in case circumstances.

2. The speed will satisfy your need. Imagine skimming and cutting through the water at unbelievable speeds of 40 to 100kph. The feeling is surreal as wind and water come together for a refreshing scintillating adventure.

3. As outdoor water activities entail mobility, expect that you will need to wear your most comfortable attire. Lightweight clothing that is easy to dry and of course a change of clothing. Rubber soled footwear is recommended and sandals too, as long as they have straps that secure them to your ankles. High heel shoes are not allowed. You will be fitted with a standard life vest and when necessary aqua socks as well. Keep accessories to a minimum, with only a waterproof watch at the most.

4. Expect a lot of jolts and surges as your pilot manipulates the powerful engine to deliver nothing but pure adrenalin pumping through your veins. This being said, people with neck and back injuries are just some of the few restrictions on a jetboat ride.

5. Expect big surges of water as your jet boats powerful engines help maneuver your vessel through narrow waterways and hard to access areas of your trip. No need to feel anxious about these swells, jetboats are made to handle them with the superior maneuverability that these boats are engineered for.

6. It’s a total outdoor adventure that will take you to places that are not reached by land. Expect breathtaking scenery of lush foliage and magnificent water forms. Be ready to capture these spectacular vistas with your water proof camera.

Jeff Holt is an experienced writer that is also a massive fan of jetboat rides. He has enjoyed the sport from the moment he first experienced jetboats through to his many jetboat ride adventures across Australia. Jeff Holt thinks everyone should participate in jetboat rides and hopes that more people participate in the sport. If you are interested in jetboat rides you should find out more today and before you know it – you’ll be enjoying your very own jetboat ride.